What Does the Salary Cap Future Hold for Atlanta Falcons?

By Leigh Allen
Atlanta Falcons Salary Cap
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Even with the signing of four draft picks, there’s a waiting game with the Atlanta Falcons right now.

Once the Tyson Clabo cut takes effect on June 1, expect that particular game to be over. If the salary cap could speak, the sigh of relief would be almost audible…but don’t expect that relief to be long-lived.

The $4.5 million opening up with Clabo’s departure opens up even more signing opportunities for the Falcons, and it’s up for debate which ones they’ll pursue. They’ll certainly be able to sign the remainder of their draft picks if they choose, and QB Matt Ryan’s contract still hangs in the balance.

But there are also rumblings of a veteran signing coming in the near future. The strongest buzz at the moment is around bringing Richard Seymour into the fold. Age notwithstanding, that move would be questionable at best…and not effective in the long-term picture. Kyle Love was very temporarily in the discussion, but the Jacksonville Jaguars snapped him up quickly when the New England Patriots waived him. The John Abraham ship is not coming back to port, barring any extraordinary circumstances and fans’ clamoring for him to come home.

The salary cap space that will be available is considerable, but not overly so. There are well-known veteran free agents still on the market; at this point in the waiting game more than a few of them are surely willing to bargain. To err on the side of caution in any of these possible signings is recommended, but Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff is likely to do just the opposite. Taking chances is by no means a bad thing, but with the limitations of the salary cap all risks should be carefully analyzed before moving full speed ahead.

The answers will come to light after June 1.


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