What Will Cobi Hamilton Add To The Cincinnati Bengals' Receiving Corps?

By Simon Greene
Cobi Hamilton
Beth Hall – USA TODAY Sports

After spending so much work over the past few seasons strengthening the Cincinnati Bengals, head coach Marvin Lewis went one step further by strengthening their offensive line and more importantly drafting tight end Tyler Eifert, who is the key to completely restructuring the their offense by moving to the two tight end offense system.

The Bengals also decided to draft a wide receiver to further bolster their offense, but they waited until the sixth round to do so. Enter Cobi Hamilton, a receiver that was predicted to be drafted in the fourth round giving the Bengals a steal by drafting him two rounds later. Stuck at the back of a depth chart of excellent wide receivers for his first three years, Hamilton did not get his opportunity to prove that he is an excellent receiver until his breakout senior year, when he caught passes totaling 1,335 yards and five touchdowns.

Unfortunately for Hamilton, the Bengals’ receiver depth chart is looking pretty healthy at the moment. The number one and number two positions are pretty much solidified with A.J. Green and Mohamed Sanu respectively, and then going down the depth chart a little further the Bengals have Andrew Hawkins, Marvin Jones and Brandon Tate, so it will be a huge uphill battle for him; a battle that I think Hamilton can overcome.

Hamilton runs crisp routes and is extremely talented at making tight turns up the field, catching the ball and stiff arming any small cornerbacks in the process. The Bengals could quite easily find him a spot on the team next season.

Prediction: The Bengals won’t use him to a great extent next season, but expect him to make a home for himself in the red zone next season.

2013: 315 yards, four touchdowns

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