Andrew Luck Will Be Best Quarterback From Breakout 2012 NFL Draft Class

By Devin O'Barr
Andrew Luck with Robert Griffin III
Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

2012 was undoubtedly the year of the quarterback in the NFL, however one star will shine the brightest when the sun finally sets on the careers of these young gunslingers. Obviously it was uncanny to see three rookie quarterbacks and an inexperienced guy like Colin Kaepernick reach the postseason last year, yet success will run rampant in this group of huddle-masters.

15 years down the road it’s going to be Andrew Luck of the Indianapolis Colts who we all remember as the best quarterback to get selected in the 2012 draft class. In addition, Luck will outshine Kaepernick until one of them hangs up their cleats or is forced to.

Taking over a 2-14 Colts team, Luck had quite a few expectations, however no one expected him to bring Indy to a playoff game in year one of his NFL tenure. The people that Luck had around him in year one will also contribute to his league domination. Head coach Bruce Arians was monstrous in Luck’s development, but don’t underestimate the effect of a guy like Reggie Wayne. Veteran wide receivers often branch out and take young quarterbacks under their wing, yet few of them have the pedigree and knowledge of the game that Wayne withholds.

While I don’t want to dismiss what guys like Russell Wilson and Robert Griffin III have done, I would be idiotic to jump off of the Luck bandwagon after a historic collegiate career and an electric start to his professional career.

Perhaps the most important part of this conversation is the ability to stay healthy. Griffin is far from a sure thing after tearing his ACL last winter, so who is to say that injuries won’t be a recurring theme for quarterbacks who lend themselves to injury via the running game?

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