Baltimore Ravens' Joe Flacco Still Not Getting Respect

By Wola Odeniran
JD Mercer- USA Today Sports

After winning the Super Bowl, the Baltimore Ravens find themselves in a situation where they are getting written off left and right and more notably, Joe Flacco is still looked down upon despite his historic playoff performance.

The word on the street before the Ravens won it all was that Flacco would be thought of as being among the best if he proved himself. That hasn’t been the case. People are still complaining about how they need to see more in the regular season.

I thought the playoffs were more important as people talked about playing in the clutch all the time. But now when it comes to Flacco, people want to see regular season results, because that may be the only thing they have left to complain about.

Flacco is the only professional athlete I have seen in recent years for whom people actually try and justify that his regular season numbers are more important than his playoff numbers. Flacco threw 33 touchdowns and 10 interceptions from Week 1 to the Super Bowl. That somehow doesn’t warrant top-10 in some people’s eyes.

No matter how well Flacco plays during a game, people want more. Are all these excuses for Flacco not being considered among the league’s best due to the fact that he proved all of the naysayers wrong last season?

It probably is. Some said he wasn’t right for the Ravens. Others said he doesn’t have the killer instinct to win it all. Now that those claims are thrown in the trash can, and Flacco is left standing on top.

I’m sure Flacco relishes this moment. I’m sure it will help him add fuel to the fire.

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