Detroit Lions WR Calvin Johnson Confirms What We Already Knew About Playing With Broken Fingers

By Dan Parzych
(Tim Fuller/USA Today Sports)

Back in February, we discussed the rumors surrounding Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson and how he played with two broken fingers during the 2012 season–which would have been beyond impressive considering he caught 122 passes for 1,964 yards and five touchdowns. Three months later, Johnson has officially confirmed that he played with not two, but three broken fingers–which is even more impressive.

However, the main question over this situation is why is this news coming out now?

There’s no question Johnson deserves credit for putting up those type of numbers under his condition, but this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone since there was already speculation three months ago. If anything, Johnson should have just confirmed he played with the broken fingers back in February instead of waiting this long to clear the truth.

If Johnson was capable of putting up these type of numbers with three broken fingers, just imagine what he could have in store for the 2013 season when his fingers are back at full strength. It may be difficult to top the numbers he displayed during the 2012 season, but Johnson seems determined more than ever to bounce back stronger in 2013–which could be trouble for any opponent of the Lions.

Either way, let’s just hope Johnson’s broken fingers heal sooner rather than later as Detroit will certainly need him if they’re going to have any chance of competing next year. And when they do heal, let’s hope Johnson decides to confirm right away instead of waiting a few months like he did in February.

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