Did The Baltimore Ravens Know More About Ed Reed?

By Wola Odeniran
Derick Hingle- USA Today Sports

Former Baltimore Ravens safety Ed Reed decided to make a business decision to sign with the Houston Texans for a three-year, $15 million dollar contract while the Ravens only offered Reed $4 million a season. But was there a reason the Ravens offering Reed a lesser deal?

I believe there was. They knew what they were doing regardless if anyone agreed with it.

There are reports coming out the Reed had hip surgery but is expected to be ready by training camp for the Texans. Not only did the Ravens organization know about this injury, Raven fans knew about it too and somehow the Texans organization and fans left themselves in the dark.

It’s no secret that Reed has had his battles with a neck impingement since 2007 and his hip, which seems to have been a problem since 2009. To start the 2010 season, Reed was put on the PUP list by the Ravens, which made him miss the first six weeks of the regular season in which he eventually lead the league in interceptions. So Texan fans shouldn’t be all that worried.

Reed leaving the Ravens this season was a continuation of the team looking to go with a youth movement. The Ravens won the Super Bowl and while the team knows some of the veteran players like Reed and Ray Lewis are and were in the December of their careers, they took the time immediately to look to the future.

So while the Ravens knew about Reed, his departure was probable regardless of the situation.

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