Oakland Raiders: The Impact Charles Woodson Would Bring

By Jeremy Hayes
charles woodson
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It’s official. Charles Woodson will meet with the Oakland Raiders on Tuesday.

Woodson played eight seasons with the Raiders, until he went yellow and green to continue his successful career with the Green Bay Packers.

Woodson is rumored to be contemplating between the Raiders and the Denver Broncos.

Woodson would really turn things around for the Raiders for the better, meaning it would open doors for future players to want to sign with the Raiders. It is hard for the Raiders to attract any talent to the organization without having to overpay for players. Woodson has 16 years of experience and probably not too much left in the tank. But as long as he can play for a couple of years, it can help the Raiders’ defense instantly.

Woodson has played in over 200 regular-season games and has recorded 55 interceptions in his career. The only scare is that he only played seven games in 2012.

Rookie corner back DJ Hayden could use a good veteran like Woodson to show him the ropes. Hayden will have the company of Mike Jenkins, Tracy Porter, Chimdi Chekwa and Joselio Hanson as the potential corner backs to make the roster.

Raider Nation already had a sense of confidence about Hayden and Jenkins, so Woodson will only enhance the confidence of this new look defense for the Raiders.

Woodson will only be a plus for the Raiders. But if they fail to sign him, they are still looking pretty solid in the secondary.

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