Washington Redskins QB Robert Griffin III's Bridal Registry Explodes On Twitter

By Jim Heath
Robert Griffin III Washington Redskins
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Apparently, Washington Redskins QB Robert Griffin III is learning the hard way the price that comes with being a celebrity. Griffin and fiancé Rebecca Liddicoat are planning to marry this summer, and signed up for a registry at a Bed Bath and Beyond.

Fans of the former Baylor Bear and current Redskin found the link to the registry and began purchasing gifts for the 2013 AP NFL Rookie of the Year. In jest, Griffin took a picture of himself with the gifts and sent out a tweet to the Redskin fans thanking them for their generosity and gifts.

Redskins’ fans with traditional wishes of luck, congratulation and so forth initially responded to the Griffin tweet. One fan asked the QB if he had received a jerky maker, to which Griffin affirmed the jerky maker had indeed arrived.

However, the good-hearted banter back and forth obviously couldn’t last forever, and the thank you tweet with attached picture became a local and since developing national story. Several fans started questioning the NFL QBs morals and ethics for accepting the goods, one specifically saying “something is wrong when the poor buy goods for the rich.”

The rhetoric simply goes downhill from there. New to the spotlight of being an NFL QB, Griffin has received his first lesson in “what happens off the field and away from the media spotlight should probably stay that way.” Although his private life is no one’s business but his own, to think that is possible is a bit naïve. The pessimists are always ready to pounce with their “glass half empty” attitudes.

That reminds me of John Elway’s first few years as a QB for the Denver Broncos. The type of candy he handed out to the neighbor’s children at Halloween actually turned in to national news, and that was in a time before social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook.

The unfortunate side of this story is that the tweets seem to have gotten to Griffin based on his responses and subsequent tweets. Sure, the guy has an industrial sized bank account to help with the hurt feelings he may be suffering, but does his economic or celebrity status warrant such treatment from individuals that don’t even know the guy?

I truly believe what has endeared most of the football world to RGIII is he seems to be the genuine article – a true nice guy. He neither asked for the fans to purchase gifts, nor did he even promote the registry. He was naively caught in the web of busy bodies who apparently have entirely too much time on their hands.

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