Charity Event Turns Out To Be Perfect Team-Building Experience For Miami Dolphins

By Jeff Everette
Miami Dolphins Cheer-Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

This past weekend, the Miami Dolphins hosted their annual charity event, Fins Weekend. The Weekend consists of a golf event, a fishing tournament, an auction and more. It is just one of the great ways the Dolphins give back to the community, but it would be a lie if the organization were to say it was a completely selfless act.

Whether it was on the links, or out on the water, the Dolphins players spent hours together, sharing moments together that will forever be a part of their Miami experience. It may not seem like much, but during each event the Dolphins players worked together, side by side, reaching out to their community and making a difference.

Building this type of camaraderie can be worth its weight in gold when the teammates take to the field. Many of the players have seen action together already, others are new to the area, but they all now have experience relying on each other to make something great.

This may be especially important this year.

The Dolphins have been one of the busiest organizations in the NFL this offseason. They have become a constant point of conversation for the networks, and their ability to make the playoffs has been a popular topic lately.

The excitement about the Dolphins upcoming season is at the highest it has been in a generation. Owner Stephen Ross, and general manager Jeff Ireland, have been hated by many of the Dolphin Faithful at one point or another, but this offseason has been unlike any other.

Ross has invested $200 million into player personnel since the end of the last season, and Ireland has made one astounding deal after another. It is getting to the point where a playoff appearance is becoming something simply expected, rather than a fleeting hope of a success-starved fan base.

“Winning” the offseason does not guarantee victory once the season starts, but by taking part in events like this past weekend, the Dolphins are becoming more than a bunch of big-name signings and high-profile draft picks; they are becoming a team.

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