Charles Woodson Turns Down Denver Broncos in Curious Decision

By Joe Morrone
Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

The desire to finish his career where it started was apparently more important to Charles Woodson than playing for a contender with the Denver Broncos. Woodson signed a one-year contract with the Oakland Raiders on Tuesday night, after visiting with them all day. Woodson visited the Broncos last week but left without a deal.

As I wrote a few days ago, the Broncos will be fine and if the news of Woodson signing with the Raiders causes anything more than a ripple at Dove Valley, I would be surprised. The Broncos were ready to go into the season with their safeties but took a shot at Woodson.

Woodson can and did sign wherever he wanted, but is going back to where you started really worth the pain that is coming? The Raiders were going to be a two to four win team without him, signing Woodson does not change that. It sounds like the Raiders offer was better than the Broncos. How much better? I don’t know, but a few bucks won’t stop the misery.

The Broncos were a Super Bowl favorite before the Woodson decision and that hasn’t changed. Now, instead of facing Peyton Manning, Wes Welker, Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker in practice, Woodson will have to face them twice this year when the matchup is for keeps.

With all due respect to Woodson, he has no shot at covering Welker in the slot. That’s not to imply he’s not still a good player, he is but he’s no longer a difference maker and that’s what the Raiders need.

He could have made a difference on the Broncos, however. He could have played a role on a championship contender. But for whatever reason, that did not appeal to him.

Hopefully he’s happy returning to the team that drafted him and hopefully he can enjoy the days between now and September. Because there won’t be many happy days for Woodson and the Raiders during the season, especially when they face the Broncos.

Maybe he can use the extra money he got from the Raiders to buy a round when he’s watching the Broncos in the playoffs.

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