Dallas Cowboys' Tony Romo Missing OTAs is No Big Deal

By Ben Grimaldi
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

I’m well aware it’s the Dallas Cowboys and it’s going to be big news all over the football world but it’s not a big deal that Tony Romo is missing the Cowboys OTA sessions and is out for the next few weeks. Romo recently had a cyst removed from his back and is recovering from the surgery.

When it comes down to it, OTAs are glorified practices that help to get veteran players back into the swing of things and for rookies to get up to speed in the NFL. Don’t get me wrong — they are important but Romo has been around a long time and missing the practices will matter very little in the Cowboys’ season. It is much more important that he gets healthy and feels comfortable heading into training camp, than it is to participate in OTAs.

The good thing that comes from all of this is that Romo isn’t bed ridden or not showing up for the Cowboys. In fact, he’s attending the sessions and helping out in any way he can. It has been reported that he’s been helping coach some of the players and talking with his receivers during the practices. Jerry Jones must be smiling at his ‘Peyton Manning-like’ quarterback doing things the great Peyton does himself.

All jokes aside, it is a very positive sign that Romo is there with his teammates, even if he can’t participate in the workouts. It shows leadership and the Cowboys need it from Romo more than any other player on the team.

Fans shouldn’t be worried about Romo not being able to work on the new wrinkles in the offense or working on timing with new players because there will be plenty of time for that in training camp. When camp opens in July Romo will be ready to go with his offense, which is far more important than OTAs. In training camp there will be full pads, contact and higher intensity, so as long as Romo is practicing by then, little else should worry Cowboys fans with Romo missing time now.

There are issues to worry about with the Dallas Cowboys but Tony Romo missing OTAs isn’t one of them.

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