Kyle Love Says “There’s Nothing Wrong,” Which is Good News for Jacksonville Jaguars

By Cody Williams
Kyle Love Jacksonville Jaguars
Greg M. Cooper – USA Today Sports Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars recently signed defensive tackle Kyle Love, which would’ve been a normal signing had it not been for a little controversy surrounding why the DT was even available. Love was dropped by the New England Patriots after being diagnosed with Type-2 Diabetes, which he says was the cause for his release.

Though nothing of certainty has come out on that matter, it has definitely put somewhat of a spotlight on Love. Since coming to Jacksonville, Love has told the team in the media that there’s nothing wrong and that he should be able to perform for the Jaguars’ 2013 NFL season. Assuming that’s true, that’s a really good thing for the Jaguars.

Currently, the Jaguars have 17 defensive linemen on their roster. Though that might seem a bit excessive, they are trying to address a major need in their pass-rush and their run defense, two areas where they performed abysmally in 2012. If he is indeed healthy, Love has to be near the top of that 17-man list.

For the Patriots last season, Love played in 16 games and amassed 11 tackles and 14 assisted tackles, as well as 1.5 sacks. However, his biggest job for the Patriots last season was one-shading gaps that would force a ton of running plays towards Vince Wilfork, one of the best defensive linemen in the game.

If Love ends up being a starter for the Jags this season, it will likely be at nose tackle where he will be doing a lot of the same things that he did in New England, namely clogging up running lanes. Considering that the Jaguars were dead-last in the league in terms of rushing defense last season, Love will likely end up being a terrific addition for them.

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