Peyton Manning Believes Charles Woodson Would Be Great Addition For Denver Broncos

By Dan Parzych
(Brett Davis/USA Today Sports)

After finishing with the best record in the AFC during the regular season in 2012, expectations will be even higher for the Denver Broncos heading into next year and as long as Peyton Manning manages to stay healthy–there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be one of the top teams once again. However, just because the Broncos finished with the best record in the regular season doesn’t mean it will be that easy in 2013–which is why Manning seems to be hyping up Charles Woodson.

The future Hall of Fame quarterback recently discussed how much respect he has for Woodson and how he would make a great addition for Denver’s defense during the 2013 season. The Broncos had one of the best defenses last year and there’s no reason why they shouldn’t rank near the top of the league once again, but they could still use some more help on defense.

When looking at Woodson, age shouldn’t be a concern as he’s proven to be one of the top defensive players throughout his career and has been heavily praised for his leadership skills. Manning certainly knows a good player when he sees one and when looking at how well the risk for signing the veteran quarterback worked out for Denver last year–they may want to consider doing the same for Woodson.

At this point, the addition of Woodson would hopefully come at a low price with the possibility of a high reward for the Broncos.

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