Super Bowl L Will Be Hosted By San Francisco 49ers, Super Bowl LI By Houston Texans

By Dan Parzych
(Jack Gruber/USA Today Sports)

With the way the San Francisco 49ers and Houston Texans have played over the last two seasons, there’s a good chance these two teams will have the opportunity to host and play in the Super Bowl a few years from now.


The NFL announced on Tuesday that San Francisco was awarded as the winner to host Super Bowl L in 2016 while Houston will host Super Bowl LI the following year. Over the last two seasons, the 49ers and Texans have emerged as two of the top teams in the NFL that seem capable of being contenders for years to come–so it will certainly be interesting to see if either if these squads will have what it takes to make history by becoming the first team to play in the Super Bowl their city is hosting.

It’s good to see the NFL reward these two cities with the opportunity to host the Super Bowl in 2016 and 2017 considering all of the recent controversy surrounding New York (or New Jersey if you want the real place) hosting this year’s big game. Everybody is worried about cold weather playing a factor in February with the way New York gets from a temperature perspective that time of year, but with the way the weather is in San Francisco and Houston this time of year–it most likely won’t be an issue.

Either way, it will be exciting to see if the 49ers and Texans can remain contenders over the next couple of years for the chance to make history.

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