Tim Tebow makes some sense for Minnesota Vikings

By Gil Alcaraz IV
Tim Tebow
Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

Are you done laughing yet? Okay, good. Let’s get down to business.

The Minnesota Vikings need a new X-factor on offense this season after shipping Percy Harvin to the Seattle Seahawks. While Adrian Peterson is the clear-cut focal point of the offense, adding a dynamic playmaker like Tim Tebow to the mix could be just the move the Vikings need to open up the offense.

With so much versatility, Tebow would be an intriguing addition for the Vikings offense. Whether he played quarterback, fullback or tight end, Tebow would bring an exciting element of uncertainty that would force opposing defenses to take him into account.

If the Vikings brought him in as a quarterback, he would provide depth behind Christian Ponder and Matt Cassel, who both have had their fair share of struggles in the NFL. While it’s a near impossibility that Tebow would leapfrog either on the depth chart, he could step in and act as a decoy in certain packages and would give them a bigger running quarterback in short-yardage situations.

If he came on as a fullback, he’d be a complete and utter waste. The Vikings already have a Pro Bowl fullback in Jerome Felton and an up-and-comer in Rhett Ellison. Neither is going to lose snaps to Tebow, so fullback is a no-no.

If he were to play tight end, though, some interesting options would arise. While he has yet to see snaps as a pass-catcher, Tebow does have the athleticism and physicality to play as a tight end who can create mismatches against slower, two-down linebackers. Not only could Tebow create a perplexing duo with Kyle Rudolph, but, generally speaking, he’d also pull attention away from Peterson and help cut down on the number of eight-man fronts the reigning NFL MVP sees when used in the slot.

In all honesty, signing Tebow probably wouldn’t solve anything. He’s not an NFL-caliber quarterback and hasn’t yet proven himself at any other position. It’s just disheartening to see such a promising, talented athlete go to waste all because the New York Jets made a circus of his hard-to-define skill set.

Tebow was a difference-maker for the Denver Broncos, so it’s not absurd to think that he can’t have a similar impact with another team.

There’s some risk involved considering the media magnet that Tebow has become. If the Vikings can find a way to harness his potential and ignore the headlines, kicking the tires on Tebow might be worth their time.

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