True Quarterback battle brewing for Philadelphia Eagles

By Ryan Wenzell
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Philadelphia Eagles  head coach Chip Kelly was true to his word when he said their was a true quarterback battle brewing between Michael Vick, the incumbent starter, and Nick Foles, the man who stepped in for Vick when he got injured and played brilliantly at times showing accuracy, poise, and intelligence under center.

In Monday’s OTA it was Foles who ran with the first team as opposed to Vick who held the reigns last Monday. The reps as Coach Kelly said were almost 50/50 between Foles and Vick, and it looks like he wasn’t just blowing hot air when he said this truly is a quarterback competition. I can’t even recall the last time the Eagles had a true open quarterback battle like this one. You may have to go back to the late 1990s when Ty Detmer and Rodney Peete battled for quarterback supremacy.

In other words, this is pretty unprecedented in Eagles country where for the past decade and change you penciled in Donovan McNabb without blinking. After Vick took over he seemed a sure thing at the QB spot until injuries and inconsistent play plagued his past few seasons.

This is a new coach, with new and hectic practices, and a new philosophy where literally almost every position battle is determined on the practice field. Coach Kelly does not have prior connections with any of these players so he is going to evaluate in a totally unbiased and honest way. Both Vick and Foles have their strengths with Vick being the superior athlete that can make every throw in the book. Foles is the man taller in stature, that makes quick and decisive throws and gets the ball out accurately and on time, a crucial aspect of Kelly’s offense.

Vick and Foles both have skills that can translate into this new uptempo, high octane offense. They will both leave it all out on there on the practice field so may the best man win.

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