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2013 NFL Free Agency: 5 Free Agents the Jacksonville Jaguars Could Still Add

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Should the Jaguars Still Consider Adding Tim Tebow?

Tim Tebow
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The Jacksonville Jaguars are arguably the least talented team in the entire NFL. They had a solid overall showing at the 2013 NFL Draft this year, landing a high value prospect in Luke Joeckel and a potential stud safety in Johnathan Cyprien, but they still lack the amount of play-makers top-end teams require to be consistently competitive.

Arguably the most difficult part is the fact that Blaine Gabbert and Chad Henne don't offer much optimism under center. Fans would undoubtedly love to see the team add another big name to the mix to at the very least to offer up some extra competition.

It doesn't stop at quarterback, either, unfortunately. Running back Maurice Jones-Drew proved his worth in 2012 by sitting out the majority of the season with a foot injury. Not only did the Jaguars struggle to find offense with him out, but if he isn't the same or gets hurt again, they're in big trouble in 2013. Behind Jones-Drew, all the Jaguars have in their backfield are unproven smaller backs who are either scat-back types or borderline wide receivers. Jacksonville needs to think deeper at the position and protect themselves from another bottom-two finish.

On the other side of the ball, everyone knows Jacksonville needs help in their pass rush. They brought in Jason Babin last year and he looked okay, but he can't be all they bring in. Adding another talented pass-rusher is key to making their defense competitive again.

Luckily for the Jaguars, there is some talent that is available out on the streets that could still help them out. Read on in the slideshow to see five players that could help the Jaguars that they should seriously consider.

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Peyton Hillis (RB/FB)

Peyton Hillis
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Hillis has garnered almost zero interest on the open market, but that will happen when you face-plant two seasons in a row. He seems to have lost what speed he did have, but there is still value here, as Hillis is a bruising power back with excellent versatility and blocking skills.

He blocked for Darren McFadden and Felix Jones at Arkansas, so you know he has the chops to get it done. With the Jaguars currently relying on two young scrubs as their fill-in fullbacks, they would be very wise to consider bringing in an established veteran to pave holes for Maurice Jones-Drew. Hillis could do that while he'd also give them value near the goal line and on third down.

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Brandon Lloyd (WR)

Brandon Lloyd
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Justin Blackmon will open the season serving a four-game suspension for substance abuse, and beyond him all Jacksonville can safely rely on is Cecil Shorts III. The Jaguars also have slot machine Jordan Shipley, a hopefully revitalized Mohamed Massquoi and promising rookie Ace Sanders.

But banking on those guys getting Gabbert or Henne by through the first four weeks could translate to one rough ticket. In other words, the Jaguars will be doing themselves a great disservice if they don't try adding some talent at wide receiver. Lloyd may be aging talent, but he can still make plays and get open. Rumors suggest he's a bit of a headcase, but he'd only be brought on for one year to help bridge the gap for Sanders and to also assist Blackmon further in his development.

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Chris "Beanie" Wells (RB)

Beanie Wells
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The Jaguars really do seem intent on strolling into 2013 with just Maurice Jones-Drew, Justin Forsett and Denard Robinson as their top three backs, but perhaps they shouldn't be. After all, MJD is in a contract year and has a bum foot, Forsett is a scat-back, and Robinson hasn't even played an NFL down as a running back yet.

The nice thing about adding a guy like Wells is Jacksonville can probably get him for cheap due to scant interest and his knee issues, but he's still a very talented back and is just 24 years old. Wells could add a bruising style that no one else on the roster beyond Jones-Drew can offer, and at the very worst he'd be a good insurance plan should Jones-Drew struggle to return to form.

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John Abraham (DE)

Johnathan Abraham
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It's unlikely the Jaguars can make a splash big enough to fix their disastrous pass rush this late in the offseason, but they should probably try. They didn't draft a defensive end and none of the big name veterans are going to play for them unless they pay an insane amount of cash to lure them in.

John Abraham is probably going to be too expensive if the Jaguars tried to reel him in against stiffer competition, but if he's still available in a month or two, he could become a realistic option. His age is the only real issue, as he was still playing at a high level in 2012. The question is, just how bad does Jacksonville want to improve their lethargic pass rush?

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Tim Tebow (QB/HB/FB/Punt Protector)

Tim Tebow
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You know I had to. Blaine Gabbert is still the projected starter, and judging by how his first two years went, that shouldn't be something Jaguars fans get too excited about. The guy isn't without talent and it's not like he has zero chance at success, but it does look increasingly less likely as they days go by.

Beyond Gabbert it's just Chad Henne (who also showed us last year he's no long-term fix), Matt Scott, and Aaron Rodgers' younger brother, Jordan Rodgers. While (Jordan) Rodgers may have pedigree on his side, Scott is by far the better talent and has the leg up for the third string gig.

But while the Jaguars already have four bodies to go to work under center, they still don't really have a true gamer among them. Tebow comes with some major flaws, but at the very worst we know he's a high character guy who the fans love that has some quality wins on his resume.

It's quite clear the Jaguars need to do something fast to better themselves for the 2013 NFL season. Perhaps they could start by hitting up a couple of the free agents on this slideshow.

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