5 Reasons Calvin Johnson is the Best WR to Ever Grace the NFL

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5 Reasons Calvin Johnson is the Best WR of All-Time

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Calvin Johnson is one of the rarest athletes in sports history. He belongs in the same category as LeBron James as one of the best athletes in an inhumanly large body.

Standing 6-foot-5 and 236 pounds, he might be the best physical machine in the NFL. Nicknamed Megatron for good reason, Johnson is arguably the best player in the league and possibly the best to ever play his position in the history of the NFL.

He is one of the better teammates in the league, wishing for team success over his own. If I were a betting man, I would go as far as to say that Calvin would have rather made the playoffs last season than break the single-season receiving yards record.

At the ripe age of 27, he has already accumulated over 7,800 yards, 54 touchdown catches and nearly 500 receptions.

Through just six NFL seasons, he is on pace to break nearly every major record if he plays the same amount of time that the great Jerry Rice did before his retirement-- 20 years. Rice is arguably No. 1 for right now, but with another solid decade or so of play, Johnson may eclipse the former superstar and become the greatest WR ever.

That is the opinion of many people, but I have one of my own. I already believe that Johnson is the best receiver of all-time. The numbers and accolades will come with time, but at this point in his career, he is on track to be the best and is already a player that this league has never seen the likes of before.

Here are five reasons why Calvin Johnson of the Detroit Lions is the best receiver of all-time.

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He Can Catch Anything

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Averaging about 81 catches per season since joining the league is no joke. He is a catching machine with his fair share of highlight-reel snags and hands as sure as they come. Johnson has 218 catches in the past two seasons combined and will surely add another 100-catch season to that this year.

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He Puts Up Record Numbers

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Calvin's 122 catches last season tied the third-best mark in a single season ever. His 1,964 yards eclipsed Rice's old record of yards in a season by over 100. If he continues to put up numbers like this, he will swallow every record in the books by a wide margin.

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He May or May Not be Human

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The jury is still out on whether this man is human or some type of machine. Nicknamed 'Megatron', Johnson has turned the heads of every player and fan in the league, putting up numbers that can only be classified as machine-like. The guy has four 1,000+ yard seasons in his six-year career with plenty of time left before he retires. Watch out, NFL.

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He Plays Through Injuries

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Many players would be sidelined if they suffered through the types of injuries that Calvin has endured. He has had groin, leg and hand issues plaguing him for years, but the guy just keeps producing. In fact, he admitted that he played through some injuries to two fingers last season that were likely considered broken. I'm pretty sure I remember a few QBs who sat out due to broken pinkies to their non-throwing hands. Calvin is a natural-born tough guy.

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He Strikes Fear Into His Opponents

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Standing 6-foot-5 and weighing nearly 240 pounds, Calvin is almost impossible to cover and take down. To see the secondary try to latch on and tackle Megatron is like something out of a video game. He can drag guys down the field and make it look easy. Let's face it, if you were a 5-foot-10, 180-pound cornerback, you would be terrified, too.

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