Charles Woodson Shows Loyalty by Signing with Oakland Raiders

By Jonathan Comeaux
Woodson raiders twitter
Oakland Raiders Twitter Page (@RAIDERS)

Jay Glazer just reported that Charles Woodon‘s new contract with the Oakland Raiders is a one-year, $1.8 million base salary deal that could range to a maximum of $4.3 million through incentives.

What was also released was that the Denver Broncos offered Woodson a deal for a maximum of $3.7 million. So unless the base salary was dramatically cheaper, it seems Woodson willingly passed up playing for a legit Super Bowl contender to play for the Silver-and-Black once more for an extra $600,000.

More so, he spurned the division rival Broncos. I love it.

With Woodson’s statement of his desire to play for a contending team early in the offseason, it’s an incredibly surprising move considering what Denver brings to the table. It’s also not outrageous to believe Woodson would step into Denver as the immediate starter at FS.

Though $600,000 is a life-changing amount of money for most folks, the extra cash wouldn’t seem intensely significant in contract terms for Woodson, especially if he truly wanted to play for a Super Bowl.

Entering 2013, Woodson automatically becomes a fan favorite based on his past eight seasons of work in Oakland. With his previous No. 24 open for use, fans in the Raider Nation should be ecstatic they held onto their old Woodson jerseys.

In fact, Woodson is now the only long-standing Raiders player on the roster. It makes long time fans like me now want that Woodson No. 24 jersey that they never had.

Woodson will likely start at FS for the Raiders in 2013. Joining a brand spankin’ new defense of nine possible new starters, Woodson and Oakland’s new secondary becomes an instant factor for teams to plan against.

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