Criticism of Washington Redskins’ Robert Griffin III for Receiving Wedding Gifts Ridiculous

By Cody Williams
RG3 Wedding Gifts
Daniel Shirey – USA Today Sports Images

To say Robert Griffin III won over the hearts of the Washington Redskins and their faithful fans would be a vast understatement. RG3 came into the league last year and, in just his first NFL season, captured the hearts and eyes of Redskins fans and fans of football as well. He immediately became one of the most liked and influential athletes in the league.

There are just so many things that make Griffin a polarizing and likeable figure. For starters, he’s pretty great at playing the game of football. In his rookie season he completed 65.6 percent of his passes for 3,200 yards, 20 touchdowns and just five interceptions while also rushing for 815 yards and seven touchdowns. However, Griffin is also charismatic and likeable in almost every instance that the public sees him in, which only adds to his likability.

However, RG3 has come under criticism over the past week after he released pictures that showed wedding gifts that he had received from fans after his registry at Bed Bath & Beyond was made public. Critics have come forward saying that he shouldn’t be accepting gifts as a pro athlete who makes millions of dollar from people who likely make less money than him.

To be frank, that criticism of Griffin is absolutely absurd. He didn’t make his registry public; the Washington Post did that. He didn’t ask fans to buy him gifts; they did that on their own crazy whims. Griffin isn’t at fault here. It would be nice to see him donate some of those gifts to charity, but he shouldn’t be faulted for receiving gifts that he had no control over. Quite simply, he didn’t do anything wrong.

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