Detroit Lions: Is Ndamukong Suh Finally Maturing?

By Andrew Fisher
Ndamukong Suh Detroit Lions
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It’s safe to say that over his first three seasons, Ndamukong Suh hasn’t exactly gained a ton of fans. With questionable plays and antics, many people have soured on the very talented defensive tackle. Thus far in his career, Suh has played the role of villain. He’s a proverbial ‘heel’ in the NFL, and maybe that’s the way he likes it? But regardless of that, Suh’s role on the Detroit Lions is now evolving.

Head coach Jim Schwartz recently said that he thinks Suh is ready to become a leader on the team:

“He’s been working very hard and he’s sort of been, I don’t want to say waiting for that opportunity, but when he came in as a rookie, he came into a group that had a lot veteran players… And he did a good job of learning behind those guys. But now that he’s a young veteran it’s time for him and lot of other guys to start showing that leadership.”

If indeed Suh is ready to embrace a leadership role on the Lions, could it mean that he’s finally maturing a bit?

To me, Suh has simply been Busch League so far in his career. I’ve never questioned his talent or drive, he’s just come across as an amateur in his first three seasons. I don’t know if fans can expect him to knock off some of his crap this year, but if Schwartz thinks he sees a different Suh, that’s a good sign. It’s not too late for him to change his image, and all he has to do is play the game the right way.

Leaders have to be mature, it’s as simple as that. It will be interesting to see if there’s a noticeable difference in the way Suh handles himself going forward, but regardless, I think we’ve yet to see his best football.


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