Jacksonville Jaguars: Kyle Love Signing Not That Big of a Risk

By Andrew Fisher
Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

The New  England Patriots made headlines this week when they released defensive tackle Kyle Love, after he was diagnosed with type-2 diabetes. Some people viewed this as a cold-hearted move by New England, but really it’s just business as usual for them. Clearly there’s nothing in the rules that says they can’t drop a guy with an illness, and they didn’t want to take the risk of losing him down the road. They simply made the decision to cut ties cleanly now, and move on.

Since then, Love has found his way to the Jacksonville Jaguars via the waiver wire. The DT will join Gus Bradley‘s defense, with a chance to prove that there’s nothing wrong with him. He’s already changed around his diet, and is prepared to attack his diagnosis head-on.

“I’m a fighter. I was always told that I wouldn’t be able to do something. School teacher telling me I would never be anything in life, different people telling me I wouldn’t make it to the NFL and look where I am now. I don’t really listen to all that. If anything, it just drives me to go any harder and work even harder,” said Love.

This is a great signing for Jacksonville, and it’s really not that big of a risk. Sure, the guy has a legitimate illness, but it’s also very treatable at the same time. Love seems very serious about changing his bad habits, and if he does, he will beat diabetes and maintain his status as a good NFL player. He’s started the majority of games the last two seasons, and there’s no reason to think he won’t be in the running to do the same with Jacksonville.

At only 26, there’s a lot of untapped potential in Love, and he could prove to be a big steal. But if it doesn’t work out, he’ll just get cut again, and the Jags will move on like they never had him in the first place.


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