Tennessee Titans: Can Kenny Britt Deliver in Contract Season?

By Andrew Fisher


USA Today Sports

If you’ve got Kenny Britt figured out, you belong to a club that consists of one member. Through his first four seasons, Britt has been all over the map. He’s had legal and injury problems his entire career, and after a lackluster 2012, the WR is heading into a contract season in 2013.

One thing you can say for sure at this point, is that Britt is done with the Tennessee Titans if he performs like he did a season ago. It doesn’t matter what’s to blame, if the production isn’t there, there’s no reason to keep him on the roster. 589 yards and 4 touchdowns, certainly will not earn him a lucrative new deal.

Britt reportedly looks like his old self so far this spring, but talk is cheap in May.

If healthy, I see no reason why Britt couldn’t set a new career-high, and finally rack up 1,000 receiving yards. While he has been in the NFL for four years, he’s only started 27 games. Playing in all 16 this year, might be asking a bit much, but if he can start in 90% of the games, I’d call that a win.

The Titans are a different team on offense when Kenny Britt is 100%. When he’s on top of his game, it makes everyone else around him better as well. But some of those players around him, could take his spot if he’s not up to the task. Tennessee has made sure to get some receiving talent in the draft, each of the past two seasons. Kendall Wright and Justin Hunter are the future for the Titans, and now it’s just a question of whether or not Britt will also be a part of it.

A season anywhere in the vicinity of 2012, will spell the end of Britt’s tenure in Tennessee.


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