Why Robert Woods Will Win NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year

By Scott DelleFave
Robert Woods
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It seems unlikely that a wide receiver would win this prestigious award of Offensive Rookie of the Year as only eight have won the award since its inception in 1968, however the Buffalo Bills rookie wide receiver Robert Woods has a legitimate chance to do so. While playing for the University of Southern California Trojans, Woods looked pro ready since his sophomore year due to his ability to run precise routes and use them to create space in traffic.

Woods doesn’t have the elite size as he is only 6′ 1″ and 190 lbs., but with most of the focus going to be on Stevie Johnson as the Bills’ primary wide receiver, this could yield huge dividends for Robert as he will get single coverage a great deal. With his speed and route running ability, if he does in fact only get single coverage, Woods could become a deadly weapon for E.J. Manuel due to the apparent chemistry that they’ve developed.

The odds are certainly against Woods in winning the award, but this was a defensive heavy draft for the most part. In an ideal world, receivers would get the offensive rookie of the year award more often, but of any of the three big skill positions (since everyone knows they won’t give it to a lineman ever), receivers likely touch the ball the least amount of times per game which is why only eight of them have ever won it. So will Woods win the award? Time will tell, and we will find out in February.

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