Michael Vick not receptive of his critics

By Ryan Wenzell
Howard Smith – USA Today Sports

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick came out on radio this past week and basically blasted critics of his that claimed he can’t read a defense and held onto the football for too long. I find it odd that Vick, a man given a second chance at life in football, is so strikingly sensitive.

Many of these critics are not your average Joe. These are scouts and National TV pundits that have clearly dissected every snap Vick has taken in his time with the Eagles. They’ve witnessed a man who was, at many times, indecisive and unsure which led to him holding onto the football too long and inevitably either taking a sack or turning it over. Both of these things are absolute no nos in Chip Kelly‘s offense at the quarterback position. He must improve in both areas or see himself to the bench where one of the young prospects in Nick Foles or Matt Barkley would take the reigns.

Another thing Vick mentioned was that Kelly taught him how to hold onto the football. Vick demonstrated how he had been gripping the ball and Kelly knocked it right out if his hands and told him to hold it a different way which was more effective. Once again I find this peculiar and frankly nonsensical that a 32 year old going on 33 year old who has run the ball with regularity his entire career is just now learning how to properly grip the pigskin.

There is certainly never a dull moment in Eagles land with the uptempo carnival like practices and Vick making headlines off the field. The fact is Vick must stop worrying about what other people think and focus on improving his own game. If he does this and limits prior mistakes that have haunted him in the past, I believe he can potentially have a career year in this high flying offense.

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