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Tennessee Titans: 5 Players Facing Make-or-Break NFL Seasons in 2013

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Tennessee Titans: 5 Players Facing Make-or-Break NFL Seasons in 2013

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans are hoping to make a playoff push this season after missing out again last season. Tennessee only won six games last year, but three losses (all in the AFC South) were by a touchdown or less.

Chris Johnson and Jake Locker finally have an offensive line capable of blocking for them, which will open up the Tennessee offense. The Titans’ receiving core is one of the best group of young athletes in the league. Tennessee is going to be explosive on the offensive end this season with Johnson in the backfield, and Kenny Britt, Kendall Wright, Justin Hunter and Nate Washington catching the ball.

Tennessee’s defense is always solid, even if it doesn’t look that way on paper. The Titans’ defense is made up of no-name players that always seem to produce big plays. Last season, their special teams didn’t play very well, but Marc Mariani (who is explosive on special teams) should be back this season.

The Titans have the potential to make it to the playoffs this season. Tennessee has a solid roster with the components of a strong defense and explosive offense. The only problem is that they are in a talented AFC South. The Indianapolis Colts are on the rise and the Houston Texans are still a top NFL team — the Titans will have to beat both of these playoff-bound teams if they are to make the NFL playoffs as a Wild Card.

Here are 5 players from Tennessee facing make-or-break seasons in 2013:

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No. 5 Coty Sensabaugh

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Sensabaugh is a talented athlete, but Tennessee has a pretty good set of cornerbacks. He didn’t produce a lot last season and has to have a revelatory season if he wants to stay with the Titans.

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No. 4 Jake Locker

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Many think that Locker is in a do-or-die situation this season with the Titans signing Ryan Fitzpatrick, but this is the first season in a few years that Tennessee has had a decent offensive line. Locker may feel the pressure, but he shouldn’t be worried about his past performances. Expect Locker to have a breakout year this season.

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No. 3 Kenny Britt

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Britt has the athleticism and the ability to be an elite receiver in the NFL. However, injuries and legal trouble mean that he has to start producing or the Titans could cut him loose.

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No. 2 Derrick Morgan

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Morgan was the Titans’ first-round pick in the 2010 NFL Draft. He has suffered from a few injuries, but, unless he starts producing soon, Tennessee is going to have to look elsewhere for a defensive end.

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No. 1 Chris Johnson

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Johnson is still the best player on this Tennessee team by far, but he could lose the unwavering support of the fans if he doesn’t produce this season. The Titans finally have a half-decent offensive line, and Johnson has no more excuses.