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5 Free Agents the Buffalo Bills Could Still Add

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5 Free Agents the Buffalo Bills Could Still Add

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The Buffalo Bills focused primarily on offense during the 2013 NFL draft. Granted, they filled several positions of need, but their 22nd ranked defense could have used a lot more attention. Their front line is solid, featuring a fearsome foursome of Kyle Williams, Marcell Dareus, Mario Williams and Mark Anderson, but questions abound on defense at virtually every position behind the line of scrimmage.

On offense, the Bills went young, fast and versatile in this year's draft. The new receiving corps is exciting, possessing lots of big-play potential. They are also completely untested. Buffalo learned the hard way last year that you can never have too much offensive line depth, with multiple players succumbing to injuries throughout the regular season.

So far, the Bills have not made much of a splash during the free agency period. That doesn't necessarily mean that they are done trying to add talent, though. A recurring theme across the Bills roster is inexperience, and the front office would be wise to add more veteran players to help mentor and develop their younger counterparts. Another plus to having more experienced players is that they can serve as a stop-gap while the younger guys learn the ins and outs of the pro game.

Doug Marrone, Nathaniel Hackett, and Mike Pettine clearly have a plan in place for the future of the team. They have completely retooled their roster on both sides of the ball, which is an encouraging and exciting sign for fans. There is always more to be done in terms of improving, however, and that is doubly true when discussing the Bills. Let's take a look at some of the talent still available to Buffalo in this year's free agent pool.

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Cedric Benson

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This is admittedly not very likely. On the one hand, the Bills already have a mouth watering one-two punch at the running back position between CJ Spiller and Fred Jackson. On the other hand, FredEx is on the wrong side of 30 and has proven to be anything but impervious to injury. More depth at RB certainly wouldn't hurt, and Benson has proven to be a serviceable - albeit injury prone - back throughout his NFL career.

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Sheldon Brown

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This is where the experienced leadership I mentioned comes into play. An 11-year veteran, Brown may be in the twilight of his NFL career, but he has shown that he can still make plays. Defensive back was an obvious position of need last season, and even though Buffalo possesses a solid young core featuring Stephon Gilmore and Jairus Byrd, the unit's lack of experience last season was on full display. Adding a player like Brown would only help the team.

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Antoine Caldwell

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Antoine Caldwell may have spent most of his time at center while playing for the Houston Texans, but he is a natural guard. This just goes to demonstrate his versatility, which, along with depth, are two things the Bills can never have enough of on their offensive line. After letting stud lineman Andy Levitre follow Ryan Fitzpatrick to the Titans, any and all players that the Bills could add to bolster their O-line depth would be welcome additions.

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Deion Branch

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More so than any other position, the Bills looked to add to their WR depth through this year's draft. Even so, behind Stevie Johnson and Brad Smith, none of their receivers have ever seen a minute of NFL game action. Adding experience rather than just youth and speed at such an important skill position would help the Bills tremendously. Having a player on the roster who is intimately familiar with the Patriots' playbook wouldn't be too bad, either.

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Jairus Byrd

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The Bills may have franchised Byrd, but the two parties have yet to come to terms on a contract extension. This needs to be the front office's number one priority moving forward. Pay the man, and pay him now. There's no other answer for what to do with your most consistent defensive play-maker. If the Bills end up letting Byrd walk, it will be yet another black mark on the organization as a whole, and I can guarantee you that fans will be outraged.