Chad Greenway Wants to Play Entire Career For Minnesota Vikings

By Andrew Fisher
Brace Hemmelgarn-USA Today Sports

When Brian Urlacher retired the other day, it raised a question throughout the sports world: does it enhance a player’s legacy to play his entire career with one team? Many fans over the years have been left with bitter tastes in their mouths, after long-time franchise players finish their careers with different teams.

I think sticking with one team enhances a player’s legacy in most cases, unless the player is wildly successful with both teams. That however, rarely happens.

Minnesota Vikings linebacker Chad Greenway was asked about this very thing on a recent radio interview (1460 KXNO), and he didn’t hesitate to say that he thinks it does enhance the legacy. He also quickly responded with a yes, when asked if he wanted to play his entire career for the Vikings.

It sounds like Greenway is 110% committed to Minnesota for the rest of his career, as long as they’ll have him. Judging by the way he’s played over the past two seasons,  it seems like it would be awful tough for him to wear out his welcome.

Greenway was also asked about the new stadium, and while he likes the design, he was hoping for an outdoor stadium. He’s in the minority with that opinion, but he understands that fans and their viewing experience, come first. Greenway is an old school football player from small town South Dakota, so he simply likes playing the game outdoors.

Vikings’ fans are hoping Greenway continues his Pro Bowl ways in 2013, and the team needs him more than ever, with a thin group at linebacker.


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