Future Not Looking Bright for Justin Blackmon

By Andrew Fisher
Jacksonville Jaguars Justin Blackmon
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There’s never really been any question about Justin Blackmon‘s athletic ability, it’s always been a question of whether or not he’d stay out of trouble. After a run in with Johnny Law in college for DUI, he followed it up with another DUI arrest shortly after being drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars. Now, heading into his sophomore campaign, he’s hit yet another home run, by violating the league’s substance abuse policy. As a result, he’s cost himself the first four games of the 2013 season.

The trends that Blackmon has set so far in his career, are not good. Still, he swears that he doesn’t have a ‘problem.’

“If you want to ask if I have a problem? I have a problem with making a poor decision.”

Blackmon of course claims that this will be his last screw up, but there’s really no reason to believe that. He said ‘poor decision,’ but he should have said ‘decisions.’ He’s been making them for years now. There are no excuses for getting a DUI, or for presumably failing a random drug test. Blackmon has to prove he’s serious about football at this point, and I’m just not sure that he is.

It’s a bit concerning that he doesn’t even admit to having a problem. It’s pretty clear that he does have some sort of issue, and the fact that he won’t really say it, just comes across as even more immature. A lot of people hit a point in there lives where they have to choose between partying and something else, and that time is now for Blackmon. The problem is that he sounds like a guy who’s trying not to get caught, not quit all together.


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