2014 NFL Draft: Teddy Bridgewater and Tajh Boyd Lead Quarterback Prospects

By Jeremy Hayes
Tajh Boyd
Daniel Shirley-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Draft is a year away, now that Roger Goodell announced the draft would be pushed back to May for 2014. Coming off a weak draft-prospect class, 2014 already appears like a more optimistic and higher-ranked class.

Leading the pack for the quarterback class next year are Teddy Bridgewater from Louisville and Tajh Boyd out of Clemson.

The question: Who will go first?

It is way too early to determine who will go first, but the answer is clear on how their stock will be determined in the draft. Bridgewater will impress many with his size and his completions, whereas Boyd will impress with his running ability and his performance in the SEC.

Bridgewater stands in at 6-foot-3 and has the tools to compete in the NFL. His size alone will most likely put him ahead of Boyd in the draft. The more impressive thing about Bridgewater is his completion percentage, which was 68.5% on a team that was not too stellar. Bridgewater will also have more potential than Boyd, again, due to his size.

Right now, between the two, Boyd is the all-around better prospect. Boyd has a touchdown-interception ratio that is 36-13, which is better than Bridgewater. If Boyd were two inches taller, you wouldn’t even hear of Bridgewater being a top-10 pick in the draft. Boyd has more yards, touchdowns, and a better passer rating than Bridgewater. Also, Bridgewater is not a rusher like Boyd, who had nine rushing touchdowns last season.

Boyd has the tougher schedule, and played well in every big game last season (excluding South Carolina). Do not be surprised to see Boyd taken ahead of Bridgewater in next year’s NFL Draft.

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