Indianapolis Colts Have Tough Road Back to Playoffs in Improved AFC South

By Andrew Fisher
Douglas Jones-USA TODAY Sports

Hopes are high for the Indianapolis Colts heading into 2013. Some people are even projecting them to win the AFC South over the Houston Texans. I think we have to remember this is a club that’s just two years removed from the bottom of the league. But at the same time, the Colts do have a legitimate shot at the division title.

The thing that optimistic Colts’ fans need to keep in mind, is that the rest of the AFC South has also improved. Both the Tennessee Titans and Jacksonville Jaguars made some good upgrades this offseason, and both teams should improve on their records from a season ago. Just by judging at this point, it doesn’t seem that the Titans or Jags have enough fire power to beat out Indianapolis in the South, but things are looking up for both franchises.

Setting the bar at a division title is just too much for this Colts team. This is a squad that should be expected to make it back to the playoffs, but not a whole lot more. The strength of schedule has increased in Indy, and they’re no longer going to catch any teams off guard.

I could be in the minority, but I can easily see a scenario where they fail to match their 11 wins from a year ago. It doesn’t mean they’ll miss the postseason, but the Colts have a much tougher road ahead in 2013. Fans need to remember how young this squad really is, and to view them with realistic expectations going into this season.


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