Kansas City Chiefs Expected To Utilize Tight Ends More Often

By Andrew Fisher
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Can you tell things have changed with the Kansas City Chiefs? A year ago, there was virtually no talk about their offense, or really any buzz about the team at all. Now with Andy Reid and Alex Smith running the offense, it seems like there’s constant buzz about the unit. Reid is of course bringing his West Coast offense to town, but the team has also been using the Pistol, so far in OTAs.

One of the positions that’s being impacted by the offensive changes, is tight end. Newly acquired TE Anthony Fasano recently made some comments on Reid’s new schemes:

“I think the offense is very friendly for a tight end. You can tell they’re becoming a very valuable position in this offense. We ultimately determine [how many passes they catch] by how we play, if we make plays, exploit mismatches. The tight ends have a good opportunity in this offense.”

Tony Moeaki figures to be the feature TE for the Chiefs, if he can stay healthy. Smith will do wonders for Moeaki’s career, and he might finally be able to reach his potential. Fasano will be a solid No. 2 option, and there’s no reason to think he couldn’t top his production from last year (332 yards), if indeed the Chiefs focus on getting their TEs the ball.

After hearing of all the changes in KC, I’m not expecting this team to even somewhat resemble last year’s disastrous squad. They’ve added a few role players to the mix, but for the most part, the same skill position players are in place. It just goes to show, what a difference a proven coach and system can do for a team. Adding a former No. 1 draft pick to play QB, doesn’t hurt either.


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