Michael Vick or Robert Griffin III: Who is the Faster NFL QB?

By Joe Doris
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Ever since QB Michael Vick burst onto the scene as the first-overall pick of the 2001 NFL Draft, he has been largely regarded as the fastest, and most athletic, quarterback in professional football.

Well, when the Washington Redskins decided to snatch up Robert Griffin III (RGIII) with the second-overall pick of last year’s 2012 NFL Draft, the previously stagnant conversation of the NFL’s single most athletic signal-caller began to heat up. This debate is even more intriguing because it deals with fierce NFC East rivals, with RGIII on the ‘Skins and Vick currently the Philadelphia Eagles’ starting QB.

Vick’s speed has been the topic of conversation as of late after he allegedly burned teammate LeSean McCoy in a 40-yard dash earlier this month. McCoy has since claimed that Vick cheated, but witnesses of the race assert that it was a fair-fight, and that Vick won by a significant margin.

Perhaps this victory is what prompted Vick to state earlier this week that he is still the all-around fastest quarterback in the entire league.

“I really don’t feel like there’s a quarterback in the league who can beat me in a 40-yard dash,” said Vick.

He went on to say that he is willing to accept a challenge from anybody, even RGIII or San Francisco 49ers burner-of-a QB Colin Kaepernick, if they wish to take on the ole vet. Vick gave both of these QBs a vote of confidence, referring to them as “fast” and “fast as well.”

So who is the fastest quarterback in the NFL? Vick? RGIII? Or even Kaepernick?

While some might believe that RGIII has quickly taken over as the league’s speediest QB, it is incredibly hard to compare raw game speed when two quarterbacks are never on the field at the same time.

And it goes without saying that Vick still shows incredible explosiveness in his running, and Kaepernick also displays mind-blowing acceleration and escapability.

So until these three sultans of speed meet up off-the-clock and test their wheels head-to-head, there is no credible answer to the question of the NFL’s fastest quarterback.


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