OC Dowell Loggains of Tennessee Titans: Press Conference Analysis

By Jonas Hyde
Dowell Loggains
Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

As part of an ongoing series, I like to put my years of experience doing interviews and interrogations to good use by analyzing press conferences. In this edition, I am taking a look at Tennessee Titans Offensive Coordinator, Dowell Loggains, and his presser from May 7, 2013.

Video link: http://www.titansonline.com/news/article-1/Dowell-Loggains-Devising-Distribution-Plan/c8c808a1-0062-404b-a2ff-629ea4aba4d5

The press conference starts off with a question about wanting to dictate / establish the running game. He talks of the commitment the team made in the draft and free agency to the interior line, and his body language confirms he absolutely believes that is part of the game plan.

Through the first 1:12, Loggains talks about the offense being predicated off the run, which will set up high-efficiency passes. The entire time, he is nodding in agreement with what he is saying, further validating his belief in his words.

Through 1:54, he is asked a question about the roles of Chris Johnson and Shonn Greene. While he does state that Johnson is a ‘franchise’ RB, it is of note that he labeled Greene as a change-of-pace back rather than a backup. Meaning his role will be meaningful every game, and he passively puts Johnson on notice that he needs to perform.

The next three minutes or so are of Loggains fielding general questions about new TE, Delanie Walker, who came over from the San Francisco 49ers and his receiving potential. There are also some general comments about leadership from the new guys and wide receiver expectations, specifically regarding second-round draft pick, Justin Hunter, and his ability to pick up the offensive terminology. Loggains is pretty transparent with all his responses, and should be taken at face value.

I do have a problem with his name-dropping of New Orleans Saints Head Coach, Sean Payton, just after the five-minute mark. While complimenting Payton’s play calling, Loggains clears his throat and resets his tone. While he believes what he is saying, it was said more to build up his own pedigree rather than compliment. The need for self-validation is a signal of Loggains’ own insecurity.

Then at about 5:20, he talks about the late offensive coordinator, Mike Heimerdinger. While recollecting, his eyes look up and toward the left. He is equating his response to a personal memory, and unlike the Payton name drop, this response has a more altruistic origin.

Through 6:35, Loggains talks a lot about the competition on the team, including specifically how Johnson will have to step up because Greene has been brought in. Through all this, he is shrugging his shoulders with almost every comment. It is not necessarily a reflection of lying, as much as it is uncertainty. It is my personal take that while he outwardly wants Johnson to step up, he is unsure if the motivation of Greene’s presence will do that. Coupled with his earlier responses, it sure seems like Johnson better step in line, or get out of the way.

The conference then finishes off with some general comments about defensive coordinator, Jerry Gray, and Loggains is complimentary of him.

I’m not sure how great of a coordinator Loggains will be, but I hope he does well. Not only because I’m a Titans fan and the team could use some positive progression on offense, but also because I enjoy watching Loggains’ pressers. He is surprisingly open with his responses, a rarity for NFL coaches, and when he is covering something up, he does it so poorly it is easy to read.

What are your thoughts on the offense and Johnson’s role in it? Will he start strong and if he doesn’t do you think that Green is there to give the club an option in the event Johnson does falter? Or do they do as last year, and keep putting him out there because he is a ‘franchise’ RB? Let me know your thoughts.

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