The Oakland Raiders' Twitter 101

By Kaylyn Neely
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The Oakland Raiders are on Twitter under the handle @RAIDERS.

The Raiders’ Twitter account is pretty generic, but a little more complete than other NFL teams. The Raiders’ reporting includes a lot about the Raiders community, Raiders Nation. In addition, the team provide intense coverage of training camp and retweet players’ thoughts on the training camp experience.

The Raiders also announce waives and new additions to the Raiders family such as Chris Kluwe, who was signed by the team on May 17. Oakland also uses Twitter to promote the new Raiders web series, Beyond the Shield, which features interviews with current Raiders players.

Earlier this week, the team announced that Charles Woodson will be back in silver and back for the upcoming season.

The tweet feed includes quotes from Woodson about his feelings on being apart of the Raiders family once again and his motivational and positive outlook on the team’s upcoming season.

There are several active Raiders on twitter. Darren McFadden is on Twitter @dmcfadden20 and he makes a point to be interactive. Tight end Jeron Mastrud @JeronMastrud likes to tweet about sports, but he doesn’t tweet regularly. Marquette King tweets all the time at @MarquetteKing. He covers his workouts, the Raiders team operations and his daily life.

New recruit Kluwe is on Twitter @ChrisWarcraft. He tweets about video games. A lot. Kluwe also shares his funny thoughts about things like San Francisco nightlife:

Also, the questionable sushi joints he visits:

Another new addition to the Raiders is Josh Cribbs who tweets under the handle @JoshCribbs16.

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