2013 NFL Offseason: All-Free Agent Team, OTAs Edition

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2013 NFL Offseason: All-Free Agent Team, OTA’s Edition

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Even though guys like Mike Wallace, Jake Long and Stephen Jackson are off the market, there are still plenty of NFL free agents worth grabbing at least for training camp. With OTA's in full swing, many teams are still searching for a player or two at a handful of positions to give their roster some healthy competition.

One of the bigger names at the moment is quarterback Tim Tebow. Will Tebow end up playing quarterback in the NFL ever again? Chuck Norris seems to think so. But, could he contribute elsewhere if he just simply allowed teams to try him at other positions? We may never know unless Tebow makes the call.

Some players out there like Kellen Winslow and Bart Scott may be names that teams don't necessarily want to touch, but under the right coaching and system, they can still contribute at a high level if given the opportunity.

You have to wonder what teams like the Green Bay Packers are thinking at the moment with so many guys still out there, yet they have done next to nothing during the signing period. Wouldn't they like to add competition to their offensive line, due to quarterback Aaron Rodgers being the highest sacked passer in the league? Many would think so.

There are still guys out there worth signing, even if it is to a mere one-year contract. Several teams are far from a championship, so why not take a chance or two on a few of these players? It may end up working out in the long run; it may not. For some teams, they can afford the risk.

Without further ado, here is the All-Free Agent team still available to sign with a new club.

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Quarterback: Tyler Thigpen, Tim Tebow

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Alright, let's be real here. Tyler Thigpen may be the better overall passer than Tim Tebow. But, Tebow may be a guy that can help contribute in more than one aspect of the offense if simply given the opportunity. Both these guys deserve a shot at a backup job, if not just a chance to have a training camp experience.

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Running back: Ahmad Bradshaw, Peyton Hillis

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It is still curious as to why Ahmad Bradshaw is not signed yet. Is his agent demanding too much money, or do the majority of teams think they are legitimately set at running back? He can still play at the NFL level and must be signed soon. Peyton Hillis makes this list solely based on the fact that he would be the fullback on this team. If a roster out there is without a fullback, give Hillis a call and see what he would think about making the switch.

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Wide Receiver: Brandon Lloyd, Devery Henderson, Steve Breaston

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This is a bit of a mystery. All three of these wideouts can contribute on an offense in their own particular way. Devery Henderson can stretch the field and be a deep threat. Brandon Lloyd is still a solid possession receiver. Steve Breaston can start in the slot and make plays. All three should be signed before the season begins. If not, I will be stunned.

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Tight End: Kellen Winslow

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Not many people like this guy, including myself, but I still wonder what the right coach and right situation would do for him. I know, Bill Belichik might have been the best guy for the job. It didn't work out, but maybe there's still hope for him yet. All I know is that a tight end with this size and speed should be able to put it together in order to maintain a spot on an NFL roster.

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Offensive Tackle: Eric Winston, Jared Gaither

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The Green Bay Packers and Arizona Cardinals may want to take a long, hard look at the next couple of slides. If you ask any fan of these two teams personally, they would tell you that either of these tackles would be more than welcome on the roster to compete for a spot. After all, it couldn't get much worse than last season. Eric Winston and Jared Gaither can continue to play at the professional level and should be signed.

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Guard: Brandon Moore, Jake Scott

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Both Brandon Moore and Jake Scott have no reason to still be on the market. Scott has started 128 games in his career and is a proven starter. Moore has started 142. Between the two of them, that is a phenomenal number of starts in the NFL and they have proven they can still be at least viable backups, if not starters on certain squads.

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Center: Dan Koppen

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All you need to know is that if you are trusted enough to lead the offensive line governed by all-time great Peyton Manning, you're still good enough to at least have a job. Dan Koppen is not an elite center, but he will provide the knowledge and leadership necessary for an offensive line in need. Koppen should have a job before preseason, if not sooner.

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Defensive End: John Abraham, Israel Idonije

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John Abraham has had a few suitors so far this free agency period, but nobody has offered a contract. Still playing at a high level, it is shocking to see him on the market. Israel Idonije, on the other hand, appears to be wanted in Chicago still — it's just a matter of time before a deal is worked out. In any regard, both of these ends are still quality players and should have a home sooner rather than later.

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Defensive Tackle: Richard Seymour, Amobi Okoye

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Tenured veteran Richard Seymour has shown he can still contribute to a defensive line at least as a rotation player, knowing what it takes to play the position at the highest level. If anything, he would bring great experience in coaching some younger guys. Amobi Okoye, on the other hand, still potentially has a career ahead of him. A young tackle with still somewhat raw skills, Okoye did well when given time in Chicago and showed he is a viable rotation guy like Seymour at his age. Both Seymour and Okoye may likely have to wait a bit longer, but it's not out of the question that they have a job come preseason.

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Inside Linebacker: Bart Scott

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A victim of the salary cap and somewhat up-and-down play, Bart Scott was cut loose by the New York Jets earlier this year. Still searching, I would bet that he finds work soon. There are absolutely teams out there with a need at middle linebacker, more notably the Minnesota Vikings, and I'm sure Scott would be a productive player yet.

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Outside Linebacker: Daryl Smith, Leroy Hill

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Like a lot of these guys, it is kind of surprising to see Daryl Smith and Leroy Hill on the market still. This offseason has been unusual as far as the free agent market goes, with so many guys cut or left without being re-signed. Smith and Hill are two linebackers that can be consistent playmakers on the outside and are arguably the best available at the position.

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Cornerback: Quentin Jammer, Shawntae Spencer

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While these two guys have been around a while, there is something to be said about a veteran cornerback that can step in and play wherever needed. I think Quentin Jammer and Shawntae Spencer would be able to do so. Whether a team needs a starting cornerback on a whim or a guy to jump into the nickel every once and a while, there should be no valid reason why they are not offered a contract in the upcoming weeks.

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Safety: Kerry Rhodes, Quintin Mikell

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Kerry Rhodes, 30, and Quintin Mikell, 32, may be on the tail end of their prime, but are still valuable assets for quite a few secondaries out there. Rhodes and Mikell should still be able to prove starting caliber, if not compete for a starting job at the very least. Still unsigned, I am just as confused as they are as to why no one has given them a chance.

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Special Teams: Ryan Longwell, Mat McBriar, Steve Slaton

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Sure he's 38-years old, but Ryan Longwell can still win you some games. Please, give the guy a job! Mat McBriar is one of the better available punters at this point, and although it isn't a glamorous position, the punter may still win you some games too. As for a return man, Steve Slaton is out there awaiting a call and I believe he can still be effective if given an opportunity.