Baltimore Ravens Defensive End Chris Canty Prefers Joe Flacco Over Eli Manning

By Wola Odeniran
Evan Habeeb- USA Today Sports

When a team wins the Super Bowl, they are bound to get more attention, and there are always those who go out their way to express their gratitude towards an individual who played great, even when they don’t have to.

In this case, the Baltimore Ravens newest addition Chris Canty made it a point to say that Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco is better than his former New York Giants teammate Eli Manning.

In a recent conversation with “He throws a beautiful deep ball, he throws it only where the receivers can get their hands on it … You’re talking about in the vertical passing game and they’ve got some vertical pass threats. They got Torry Smith. They’ve got [Dennis] Pitta. They’ve got [Ed] Dickson.  They’ve got some good weapons for him to use down the field.”

During the interview, Canty did say that Manning delivers in clutch situations, but that he would still prefer Flacco. In terms of their careers right now, you would have to give Manning the edge due to the fact that he has been around the game longer and has two Super Bowl rings to his credit.

Despite that, I do agree with Canty long-term. I think Flacco will end up being the better player. He is a bit more talented physically than Manning and has gotten better each year. But both quarterbacks have games that leave you scratching your head at times.

It’s an really interesting debate due to the fact that out of all the quarterbacks in the league who have been proven winners, Flacco and Manning are the two players that are often the most questioned. Sometimes it’s warranted, and other times you just have to look at the resume.

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