Jerry Jones Comments on Possible Los Angeles Team

By Jesus Flores
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Very few people, if any, come close to the marketing genius that is Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

In fact, if Jones is talking revenue people should listen. I mean there are a bunch of things that people can say Jones doesn’t do right, but making money isn’t one of them, which should be evident by the Cowboys’ $2.1 billion net worth according to Forbes. So, when Jones talks about the importance of the NFL returning to Los Angeles; people should listen.

It is something that the owners and the city have placed enough emphasis on in the past that it was even featured in an episode of HBO’s hit TV Series “Entourage.” In said episode Jeremy Piven’s character Ari Gold makes a pitch to Jones himself about bringing an NFL team to LA.

Recently it’s been rumored that the Miami Dolphins could be headed to the City of Angels, although NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell downplayed the move by saying he wants to see the Dolphins stay in Miami. There was also a rumor that the Buffalo Bills could be relocated to the Golden State, but Jones doesn’t seem to think so.

“The thing that Bills fans ought to know is there are a handful of other cities as well that look to Los Angeles and say, ‘Should the fact the NFL doesn’t have a team out there concern us?’” Jones said. “I think that’s an obvious thing to think about, but if I were a Bills fan I would feel good about the recent negotiation and remodeling of the stadium.”

Personally, I think the LA market is more valuable to the NFL without a team there, but if/when the NFL decides to give California its fourth team, they should keep in mind that Los Angeles is a basketball city and unless they plan on moving a successful franchise there, chances are that it will be another failed attempt at football in LA.

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