Joe Flacco's Agent Joe Linta Calling Out Baltimore Ravens Is A Dumb Move

By Wola Odeniran
Evan Habeeb- USA Today Sports

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco got his new deal that makes him currently the second-highest paid player in the league after coming off the Super Bowl win and becoming Super Bowl MVP. Everything is fine in Ravens land, so what happened in the past with contract negotiations will stay in the past right? Wrong.

Flacco’s agent Joe Linta expressed his thoughts to USA Today about the way the Ravens handled the Flacco situation. He believes the Ravens could have gotten him at a cheaper price instead of walking out the door, basically calling out Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti. “I’ve never in my life seen a dumber move. I guess people can say, ‘Well, Joe was dumb, too.’ It could have been (dumb), God forbid, if he got hurt. But $1 million to Steve Bisciotti six years from now? That’s like 100 bucks for you or me today.”

My question is, how dumb does Linta have to be to make that comment?

Does he understand that it is not as simple as he puts it? What would be Flacco’s mind set if he did have a contract extension? Do the Ravens still win the Super Bowl? Does Flacco still play with a chip on his shoulder? This is not to say that Flacco wouldn’t work hard, but one would have to believe that the way the Ravens went about last season may have changed things to a certain degree.

Does former offensive coordinator Cam Cameron stay on the Ravens if Flacco got his deal done sooner? Even though this was never confirmed on the inside of the Ravens organization, there was a sense that the Ravens had to pick and choose between Flacco and Cameron at the end of the season.

Depending on how things would have went down if Cameron stayed on the roster, Flacco could have very well said that he is out if Cameron stayed at the end of the season.

Outside of Flacco, when you look at Linta’s list of players he is an agent for in his website, the best player is either tackle Willie Colon or outside linebacker Kamerion Wimbley. Could this be a ploy to get his name out there if that is truly all he has? If it is, don’t expect many high profile players soon.

But what does this mean for Linta? How does he expect to do business in the future? Teams around the league are watching this, so how smart is it for him to play his hand in public like this? If Flacco is very loyal to the Ravens, then it was nice knowing you, Linta.

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