2013 Could Be A Breakout Season For Kansas City Chiefs WR Jonathan Baldwin

By Colin Barton
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Jonathan Baldwin was drafted 26th overall by the Kansas City Chiefs in the 2011 NFL draft. Baldwin will be entering his third season with the Chiefs and will most likely be the third wide receiver on the depth chart behind Dwayne Bowe and Dexter McCluster. Is this the season that Baldwin turns into a star receiver?

Baldwin has put up 41 receptions for 579 yards and two touchdowns over the course of his first two seasons. Those aren’t the best numbers for a receiver that was picked in the first round, but we have reason to believe that his production will greatly increase in the coming season.

It is a well known fact that it sometimes takes rookie receivers a few seasons to adjust to the NFL and start putting up good numbers. Usually young receivers start to breakout in their third and fourth seasons. It took Michael Crabtree four seasons to put up his first 1000 yard season, and another good example would be Roddy White who doubled his stats in his third season in the league.  These are just two of the receivers that took some time to breakout, but the list goes on and on.

There is no reason why Baldwin isn’t capable of being an elite receiver. He is a fast and physical receiver that stands at 6”4 and weighs over 220lbs. His size and weight will make him hard for opposing defensive backs to cover as he will be able to position himself easily and have a significant advantage when going up for the ball.

Throw in the addition of quarterback Alex Smith and he will have everything he needs to be a solid receiver. Everything favors Baldwin in 2013 as a third year receiver with great size and the best quarterback that he has ever gotten to play with.  This could be a huge year for the Chiefs’ youngster.

Colin Barton is a Kansas City Chiefs writer for Rantsports.com. Follow him on twitter @ColinBartonRS


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