Cam Newton vs NFC South Quarterbacks

By ronnycarlton
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vs. Josh Freeman: In many ways Freeman is a poor man’s Cam Newton. Freeman has a strong arm but not as strong as Newton’s, and he’s athletic but not was athletic as Newton. Both quarterbacks are streaky and struggle with accuracy, but in terms of pocket poise and decision making Newton probably has the edge. Freeman has better weapons, but Newton is a more polished quarterback at this point.

Accuracy: Newton

Pocket Presence: Newton

Arm strength: Newton (not by much)

Leadership: Newton

Throwing Mechanics: Newton

Reading defenses: Newton

Mobility: Newton

Overall: Newton>Freeman

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vs. Matt Ryan: From the neck down, Newton is a better quarterback than Matt Ryan. Ryan certainly has the physical tools to be a starting NFL quarterback, but few are as gifted as Newton. Ryan separates himself in the mental game. He orchestrates the Atlanta Falcons‘ no-huddle offense to near perfection. Studying Ryan’s strengths illuminates Newton’s flaws as Ryan is fantastic in the pre-snap phase. He’s more decisive than Newton and throws with better anticipation and accuracy. If there is one area where Newton is superior, it’s in the pocket where Ryan has a hard time throwing from a muddled pocket.

Accuracy: Ryan

Pocket Presence: Newton

Arm Strength : Newton

Leadership: Ryan

Throwing Mechanics:  Ryan

Reading defenses: Ryan

Mobility: Newton

Overall: Ryan>Newton

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vs. Drew Brees: Any comparisons with Brees are almost unfair since he’s one of the elite quarterbacks in the NFL.  Newton is physically superior to Brees in every way imaginable, but Brees makes up for his lack of size and physicality with anticipation and preparation. Brees is a master of the pre-snap phase and also excels in manipulating defenses from the pocket. Brees’ leadership skills are also off the charts. Brees is one of the quarterbacks Newton should study if he wants to become great.

Accuracy: Brees

Pocket Presence: Brees

Arm Strength: Newton

Leadership: Brees

Throwing Mechanics: Brees

Reading defenses: Brees

Moblity: Newton

Overall: Brees >Newton

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