Keyshawn Johnson Turns Into Unlikeliest Hero After Incident with Justin Bieber

By Ben Grimaldi
Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

By now I’m sure most people have heard about the incident with Justin Bieber and Keyshawn Johnson. If you haven’t, the quick summary is the so-called singer was driving like a bat out of heck when he crossed paths with the former NFL wide receiver, who had his child in the car with him.

Johnson didn’t approve of the dangerous driving and proceeded to drop his child off at his home and then went to confront Bieber, who ran inside his house before Johnson had the opportunity to straighten it out face-to-face. Johnson got plenty of backup from another former player, running back Eric Dickerson, who lives in the same neighborhood and tweeted that Bieber needs to slow down when driving.

Now that you’re all caught up, does anyone else see the irony in this situation? Johnson was once one of the biggest divas in the league and was hated by many players and fans of the NFL. In short, he could be summarily categorized as an egotistical jerk.

Similarly, those descriptions can also be used for Justin Bieber. Teenage girls aside, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who likes Justin Bieber because of his ego and utter disregard for those around him.

With all of that said, just think of what kind of freak occurrence had to happen to turn Keyshawn Johnson into a hero? It took a snotty nosed pop star driving like a moron and endangering peoples lives to turn one of the biggest jerks in recent memory of the NFL into someone almost everyone can be proud of. In one incident, Johnson turned into a hero after years of being a jerk.

Somewhere, Wayne Chrebet is wondering where that Keyshanw Johnson was when they were playing together.

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