Michael Jordan's Advice Best Bet to Keep Dez Bryant Out of Trouble

By Jeric Griffin
dez bryant NFL: New Orleans Saints at Dallas Cowboys
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For the first three years of his career, it seemed like Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant was in trouble all the time and to an extent, he was. Everything from sagging breeches to “hitting” his mother with a hat to fighting with Lil Wayne got Bryant in trouble with the law and at times his on-field potential seemed like it would be wasted because of what he did off the field. However, some sound advice from Michael Jordan could change that.

Bryant met Jordan at the 50th birthday party for His Airness during NBA All-Star Weekend this season in Houston right after the Cowboys’ star became just the seventh NFL player to to sign with Jordan Brand. Any athlete in any sport seems to be star struck by Jordan and the case was no different for Bryant, who said Jordan’s “strong voice” told him to behave.

“The only thing he told me was ‘stay out of trouble,’ ” Bryant told ESPN Dallas.

Now that’s some sound advice, especially coming from someone like Jordan, of whom Bryant says: “His opinion matters.”

And it should, if for no other reason Bryant is now a client of Jordan’s. As Tiger Woods and Lance Armstrong have learned the hard way, endorsers aren’t fond of troublemakers, so Bryant now understands that his three-year deal with Jordan Brand is at stake, as well as his NFL career.

In fact, Bryant reportedly won’t receive payment for his first year as a member of Team Jordan as a “sign of good faith.” For Jordan, it’s likely not about faith in Bryant, but the fear of God he instilled in the young receiver when they met. Of course, faith and the fear of God go hand in hand (and Bryant recently began tweeting daily scriptures), so take that as you will.

For Cowboys fans who admire Jordan Brand and those who don’t, this is a great sign, and not just because Bryant will be wearing the coolest kicks on the block from now on. If Bryant respects Jordan as much as he says he does, he really will stay out of trouble this time. If you’re a member of the Dallas faithful, that’s definitely cause for a Hallelujah!

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