New Orleans Saints WR Joe Morgan Arrested For DUI

By Dan Parzych
(Kim Klement/USA Today Sports)

When it comes to professional athletes receiving a  DUI, there really should be no excuse considering they have enough money where they can either hire a driver or even call a cab. So when the news comes out that New Orleans Saints wide receiver Joe Morgan was arrested last weekend for DUI–it just makes you shake your head even more.

Morgan was apparently arrested on Saturday after he was found asleep while behind the wheel of his car and while he obviously failed the field-sobriety test–the most disturbing thing about the incident is the fact that his blood-alcohol content was 0.218. The wideout has been released since this whole thing went down, but it’s still frustrating to see how often this becomes an issue at the NFL level.

Even if Morgan isn’t as valuable to the Saints as some of the other key players on the team, this is the last thing New Orleans needs to be dealing with at this point in the offseason. His numbers may not stand out as much as other players in the league, but that doesn’t mean the Saints weren’t hoping for bigger things from the wideout during the 2013 season.

If anything, having Drew Brees as your quarterback always give you potential to put up big numbers–so putting his life and career on the line last weekend was not the smartest move on Morgan’s end. As the details continue to come out from this incident, it will be interesting to see how the Saints handle this situation with Morgan and see if he’s worth the trouble of keeping around for the 2013 season.

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