San Francisco 49ers' New Stadium Has Solar Panels To Account for All Energy Usage

By Andrew Fisher
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

While I absolutely hate corporate stadium names like the new ‘Levi’s Stadium,’ I understand it’s just part of the deal nowadays. Stadiums and parks are no longer given unique character-filled names, it’s simply all about the Benjamins. The positive in all of it? New stadiums are incredible. Levi’s stadium will be all of that, and then some. The ‘fan experience’ is rumored to be ground-breaking at the San Francisco 49ers‘ new home, and it’s only fitting given the stadium’s proximity to the Silicon Valley.

In addition to all the bells and whistles fans will experience at Levi’s Stadium via new-age technology, there’s also a lot to be said for the stadium’s green technology. I recently ran across an interesting article from a UK website (Solar Power Portal), where they described the specifics of the stadium’s solar power:

“The 68,500-seat stadium will sport three separate solar array-covered bridges, which will provide enough electricity over the year to offset the power consumed by the stadium during all of the 49ers home games.”

So for those asking, ‘when is enough, enough?’ Technology is somewhat cancelling those concerns. Sure, the new 49ers’ stadium is over the top, but what did you expect?

It’s about time that green technology has given us the ability to account for the energy consumed by games. That could even be a great rule for the future, that each new stadium must be equipped with enough solar power to ‘pay’ for its usage.

The 49ers aren’t alone, though, as it’s estimated that 19% of NFL teams have started using some form of solar power. Corporate stadium names suck, but at least they can help pay for green energy.


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