Was it Dumb for Baltimore Ravens to Not Sign Joe Flacco Earlier?

By Dan Abeshouse
John David Mercer- USA Today Sports

The roller coaster offseason for the Baltimore Ravens continues. The agent for Joe Flacco (Joe Linta) had some rather disparaging remarks about the Ravens front office. To summarize Linta basically said that the Ravens could have signed Flacco a year earlier and that both sides were only $1 million in non-guaranteed money away from getting the deal done then. Linta went on to say that the Ravens were “dumb” for waiting and cost themselves around
$35 million in salary cap space down the road. As a fan I can’t be anything but furious over how this situation could effect the Ravens’ future. Last offseason the Ravens made Ray Rice the priority to re-sign instead of Flacco, and that was a move at the time that I didn’t agree with. Nothing against Rice as he’s a great player and a game changer, but a franchise QB is more important than a great running back. Then I start to think that maybe if the Flacco deal was done last year guys like Anquan Boldin would still be around.


In hindsight not signing Flacco last year might have been the best thing for the short term. Flacco doesn’t seem like a guy that would be motivated by money, but let’s not kid ourselves. Money hungry or not, earning the big contract should be motivation for anyone. To sum it up, I’m not sure the Ravens win Super Bowl XLVII if Flacco was already paid. Regardless of whether the Ravens struggle the next few years I say it’s worth it. The highest of highs are always better then the lowest of lows.


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