Will Chad Henne Start for Jacksonville Jaguars in 2013?

By alexandereaglin
chad henne
Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Quarterback controversies are often in great supply during the NFL offseason, and the Jacksonville Jaguars appear to have one of their own.

Quarterbacks Blaine Gabbert and Chad Henne have been splitting reps throughout this offseason and will be in a fierce competition all throughout training camp for the Jaguars. Henne filled in for an injured Gabbert last year, and he got off to a blazing start. However, Henne’s play began to fade off during the stretch, and Jacksonville continued to lose contests.

Many believe Gabbert is the favorite to capture the starting role, and it is hard to argue against that thought. The Jaguars have a great amount invested in the young Gabbert, and the franchise may believe that this will be the season he finally puts it all together.

The Jaguars claim that there is going to be a fair competition at the quarterback position, yet their investment in Gabbert may leave Henne with a not so equal opportunity. Henne has struggled with inconsistency throughout his career just as Gabbert has during his short time in the league. Henne did not take advantage of an excellent opportunity to prove himself as a starter last season, and that will affect him negatively going into training camp.

Regardless of who the Jaguars choose as their starter in 2013, they will still be rolling the dice. For a team that is looking to build for its future, potential is often what will be banked on. It is clear that Gabbert still has a larger potential that has not been realized, and Henne appears as if his career has peaked.

Henne could very well deserve to be named the starter at the conclusion of training camp. Don’t be surprised if Gabbert is the choice, however, based purely on his ceiling as a player rather than his performance.

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