2014 NFL Draft Moving to May Good News for Ozzie Newsome, Baltimore Ravens

By Dan Abeshouse
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL recently announced they would be moving the draft back to late June. I’m just kidding about the late June thing, but would any of you had been surprised if that was true? I wouldn’t ever put anything past Roger Goodell and his bonehead yes men. In actuality the draft has been moved back to May 8-10 which is around two weeks if you’re counting. I’m definitely not thrilled about the move which means more. More waiting, more mock drafts to hear everyday, and more of all the wind bag talking heads on TV. Well, Warren Sapp is okay I guess, as he reminds me of a slightly less crazy version of Charles Barkley. To sum it all up, I think it’s stupid to move the draft back, and I’d prefer if it just stayed the way it is, but who cares what I or any of you think?


Despite my total disdain for this whole process I can’t help but be excited as a fan of the Baltimore Ravens. Ozzie Newsome is widely considered one of the best general managers in the game, and now he’ll have two more weeks to prepare, scout, and to look for the hidden gems to unearth. Maybe moving the draft back isn’t so bad after all. Two weeks? No problem. Hell make it three, four, go to late June like I joked about earlier. As far as I’m concerned, Ozzie and the rest of the Ravens front office can have as long as they want, so bring on the extra 394 mock drafts I’ll have to see.

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