Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Did Jerry Jones Mess Up His Own Draft Board?

By Ben Grimaldi
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

There has been a ton of criticism for Jerry Jones and the way he handled the Dallas Cowboys draft, and most of the head scratching came from their first round trade and selection of Travis Frederick. Upon further review, let bashing begin again as Jones failed to stick to the Cowboys draft board and proves that Dallas reached for Frederick.

The website bloggingtheboys.com has a picture of Jerry Jones and in the background the Cowboys draft board can be seen. The site breaks down where the Cowboys had players ranked and it reveals some very interesting things.

One of the first things that jumps out is the Cowboys had a second round grade on Travis Frederick. This isn’t shocking on the surface because many draft experts had the center as a late second or an early third round pick. However, the Cowboys had Frederick ranked as the 22nd overall player on their board so they did think very highly of him. So why would Dallas place a second round grade on a player they rated so high? The answer doesn’t matter now but the bottom line is despite what we heard from any member of the Jones family after selecting Frederick, if you had a second round grade on a player and drafted him in the first round, he was a reach.

Perhaps the even more interesting thing the Cowboys draft board tells us is that they had Sharrif Floyd ranked as the sixth best prospect in the draft. Its mind boggling to think that a team would rate a player so highly and then just passes on him when he falls to you 12 picks later than you anticipated. I’m not a huge fan of Floyd and have no problem with Dallas passing him up but once again, the Cowboys logic is flawed. If you ranked a player inside the top 10 on your board and he’s there to select at 18, why pass him up?

You can go to the site to check out the draft board for yourself but there are other intriguing things. Dallas had Terrance Williams ranked as the 23rd best player in the draft and Gavin Escobar was 25th on their board. They also had third round grades on B.W. Webb, J.J. Wilcox and Joseph Randle. And according to the Cowboys draft board, they got steals in picking up Brandon Magee and Jakar Hamilton as free agents since Magee was given a fourth round grade and Hamilton a fifth.

Among those players not on the Cowboys draft board at all were Tyrann Matthieu, Jarvis Jones and Marcus Lattimore. It appears as though the Cowboys were staying away from players with health risks or character issues.

The frustrating thing for Cowboys fans in all of this is wondering why would they follow their draft board so closely throughout the draft, but ignore it with their most important pick? None of this is to slight the selection of Frederick in any way but it will only lead to more questions about Jones’ rationale when the draft comes around every year.

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