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Mark Sanchez Doesn’t Seem Worried About Geno Smith Winning Starting Job For New York Jets

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(Ed Mulholland/USA Today Sports)

Even though the 2013 NFL season is still a few months away, there’s already plenty of hype surrounding the quarterback battle with the New York Jets between Mark Sanchez and Geno Smith. The Jets recently selected Smith in the second round of the 2013 NFL Draft to compete with Sanchez for the starting job, but if you ask No. 6–he doesn’t seem worried about losing the starting job.

In fact, Sanchez recently discussed in an interview how he doesn’t plan on losing the starting job to Smith and expects to be playing once the regular season rolls around. While Sanchez has shown potential at times throughout his career, he’s also received plenty of opportunities to prove himself as the starter for New York.

Obviously, Sanchez’s performances over the last two seasons haven’t been enough to convince the team he’s the answer–or the Jets wouldn’t be considering Smith as their starter for 2013. As tempting as it may be for the Jets to see what Smith would bring to the table, all signs point to Sanchez at least starting out the season as the starter as he’s more experienced and will most likely give them their best shot at winning.

Still, Sanchez will be facing plenty of pressure over these next few months and as bad as it sounds–this may be his final shot to prove himself as the starter for the Jets. The team has already made it clear they’re concerned over Sanchez and whether or not he’s worthy of being the starter–so it will be interesting to see if Sanchez ends up being right and is the team’s starter heading into 2013.

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